Zoology AI | Python, Tensorflow, Keras, NumPy, CNN

Developed an AI model using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) to identify animals based on pictures. Trained the model using ~18,000 images obtained from a popular open-source website called Kaggle. Data were preprocessed and the model was trained for 32 epochs, resulting in an overall accuracy of ~85%.

Digital Timer | Java, JavaSwing

Using Java and JavaSwing, I programmed a timer that prompts the user to set time in seconds, minutes, or hours. The countdown is then presented using a simple GUI.

Podcast Network | C++

Using C++, I programmed a podcast network that stores "Episodes" of "Podcasts. The assignment required a total of 26 files including a make, header, and source files. Additionally, I focused on efficient memory management by dynamically allocating and deallocating memory. To ensure there were no memory leaks, I used the debugger "Valgrind".

E-commerce Site | JavaScript, HTML, CSS

During my journey @ Social Web Strategy, I was the main lead in this full-stack project. The project is based on developing an e-commerce fashion brand for a client. The process started with the web designer providing the initial design of the site. I was then assigned the task of developing the website using WordPress which involved both back-end and front-end tasks.